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Unlock Youtube

The Virtual Private Network or VPN is a special service that is stirring a buzz in the internet world since it can successfully unlock YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites on countries and regions where internet is not allowed. This service provides an option to tap direct personal network systems for various companies around the world. Basically, VPN is a personalized system layered on the public access of the internet. It employs several security functions and codes commonly used in public network. This is a great help in maintaining and preserving secrecy that maintains private database so most would call this service as Internet VPN. It is an effective service to unlock YouTube, Facebook, Skype, BlogSpot and other social networking sites.

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Unlock Youtube using VPN Service

VPN has even used various companies to get in touch with the servers from other places. More and more people are now becoming interested with VPN. This system uses the Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol or PPTP on the windows server that enables Windows or Mac users to sign in to servers regardless of the location. This is achieved by establishing a secured system with encryptions and codes through the protocol from the remote access of the computer to servers with VPN. You can consider the system to be totally secured as the data and the addresses of the network and the location are protected by encryptions that can successfully unlock YouTube, Facebook and other social networking sites.

Through the internet, the digital systems of VPN are enabled and connected using the remote network and servers. So there are no interference caused by the user during the whole process of accessing the network. No wonder VPN has gradually emerged as a great way to be connected to the internet network or to Local Access Network or LAN.

The features that optimize the system of security features of the VPN and the primary elements include the firewall shield, the encryption and the access codes. They provide a set of security encryptions to the whole system enabling it to unblock YouTube and other favorite sites. The basic type of VPN is remote access systems that guide the creation of secured channel that links the office server to the network.

VPN service is common in countries where there are implemented censorships for Internet that needs to unlock YouTube and other sites first before they can be accessed. Let us take a look to the case of China that has almost 2 billion internet users more than the total population of the US. These people regularly access the World Wide Web and even social networking sites. However, there are strict limitations implemented by the government and citizens are not allowed to visit the websites they like. Most would refer this to the Great China Firewall that most would like to cross to unlock YouTube, Facebook and Skype. VPN is a big help for this. It provides untraceable access to Internet users in China. So it is the best way to unblock websites.

Chinese censorship of Youtube

Internet censorship in China is popularly considered to be more far reaching and advanced compared to other regions where there are existing internet censorship rules. In principle and in agreement with numerous laws and regulations, about 60 laws are written and online censorship is sternly implemented by the regional branches of state-regulated internet service providers and other agencies. Many believe that it is impossible to unblock YouTube and other social networking sites in China. Apparently this is not true.

China makes it to the list of enemy list for Reporters Sans Frontiers (Reporters without Borders) or RSF while the Open Net Initiative places the territory on its invasive category for internet censorship. However, many internet users in China had used VPN servers to unlock YouTube, Facebook and Skype to avoid the stern restriction of the Chinese government.

Measures taken by China

It is projected that China has over about 500 million internet users and could double in the next few years. Presently, most internet subscribers use DSL provided by China Telecom and China Netcom. There are also four major Chinese networks – CSTNet, ChinaNet, CERNet and CHINAGBN that forms the backbone of internet in China. In 1998, the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China has started the Golden Shield Project or also known as the Great Firewall of China. The purpose of the project is to develop a communication network and digital information system that will promote efficient censorship of the Internet regulated by authorities.

This project is composed of regular firewalls and alternate servers using the Internet gateway that block content by restricting the Internet Protocol addresses from being tapped. The system will also optionally engage in DNS extermination when certain sites are accessed. However, it is easy to unblock YouTube and any other site banned by China with the help of VPN services. Aside from this, it seems that Chinese authorities did not carefully think of the technicalities of the project since it is very impractical. Nonetheless, it is said that there are about thousands of internet police involved in censoring online information in China. Still there are millions of internet users in China who really did unlock YouTube and other sites with the aid of VPN servers.

Content filtering

China censors or blocks online content with regards to varied topics that are considered to be alarming or not appropriate. These categories include the 1989 mass protest in Tiananmen Square, Revolution in Tibet, Revolution in Taiwan, Freedom of Expression, Police Brutality, Pornography, specific international sources such as BBC, AFP and AP, propaganda sites, religious sites, blogs and social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Skype and Twitter.

Using VPN, anyone can use internet freely in China and successfully unlock YouTube and unblock Facebook. Many internet users in China had also found effective ways to receive free information that is not restricted. VPN services can make online searches based in China to be untraceable since they can safeguard your identity by hiding your IP address and exact location. You can safely use the internet and visit any website, anytime, anywhere.

Anyone in China can use free internet with the help of VPN servers that can unblock YouTube and other social networking sites. These servers also encrypt data on the web traffic. Generally no one can impose rules with your computer since you have a hideaway IP address based in US so the MPS cannot trace your online activities even if you unlock YouTube and other sites they have banned in the region. The data codes are also disabled using VPN. Although there are still risks that you could be caught by authorities it is very unlikely to happen. The VPN servers are normally used by many companies around the world.

There are many VPN companies offering the tunneling service with SSL certificate. Most have multi-layered servers you can select from and the best thing about here is that the price is very affordable. Most servers are also offered for free. This will definitely make online users feel safe in using the World Wide Web to unlock Youtube, unlock Facebook and other blocked sites.